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Roof & Gutter De-Icing Icicles and Ice dams form for 2 reasons: Inadequate attic ventilation and inadequate attic insulation. One or both of these conditions will result in heat rising through the ceiling and warming the air in the attic thus heating up the roof. This heat loss through the roof will warm the snow and it will begin to melt. The cold water will run down to the roofline at the gutter where it meets the cold air and freezes. This cycle will repeat itself, causing the ice to build up in the gutter and work its way up and under the shingles. When the ice meets the warm sheathing under the shingles, it melts, causing leaks into the attic, and eventually, the rooms below. In addition to the obvious aesthetic and structural issues, any moisture entering your home can lead to growth of mold and mildew.

While addressing the ventilation and insulation is the ultimate solution, many customers still may have ice problems. It may only be in one area, where the sun doesn’t shine and the snow tends to build up. Alternatively, icicles may build up in a valley where multiple roofs meet and funnel into a common gutter. These types of situations require heat cable installation to the affected area. Gutter Gators can customize a solution to work with your roof, gutter, downspout and even an existing gutter protection system. 

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