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Gutter CleaningGutter cleaning is one of the most hated of all household chores. It is also one of the most essential. If you don’t make sure, your gutters are clear and free flowing you’re asking for trouble. Standing water attracts mosquitoes which carry disease (i.e. West Nile Virus). In the winter, standing water turns into ice which can work its way under your roof and leak all over you. Full gutters overflowing around your foundation can cause flooding in your basement. Water inside your home will lead to mold growth.

Now we’ve established the need to clean your gutters. Should you attempt to clean them yourself? Here are a few questions to ask yourself. If you fall off a ladder, what is your deductible? No health insurance? What does a trip to urgent care or the emergency room cost? Do you have the neighbor’s kid clean them for you? Does your home insurance cover it if he falls? Will it come out of your pocket? Won’t happen to you, you say? These things happen to people all the time and remedies can total in the thousands of dollars. Virtually nothing good can come from you cleaning your own gutters. The smart thing to do is have Gutter Gators put you on a scheduled gutter cleaning routine. Need service two to four times a year? 2nd week of October? 3rd Wednesday in November? No problem. Our customer management software can accommodate your situation. We are neat, clean, reliable, insured, and relatively inexpensive. Our goal is to leave your property cleaner than when we arrived. In addition to clearing the gutters, we bag and remove debris from the property, snake the downspouts and visually examine the gutters for any obvious problems.

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