RMW St John

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These customers, senior citizens, said their front walkway and door area has always had huge icicles form and overhang during the winter that makes using this entrance hazardous. The design of the home causes 3 roofs to "funnel" in toward the front door area causing snow and ice to buildup. We decided to find a way to melt the snow and ice as it builds up and make sure it drains away from the walkway. In 2012 we installed heat cables on the low roof line and inside the gutters and downspouts. A thermostatic power control and weather-proof outlet cover make this a maintenance-free solution. The winter of 2013 was mild but the horrible winter of 2014 was a great challenge for our solution. The good news is that even during the horrible winter of 2014 the icicles are virtually non-existent.

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